Manal Milbes

Founder and Managing Partner, PlayGround

Amman, Jordan

Manal is the Founder and Managing Partner of Milbes & Eid, a provider of family-based entertainment services in Jordan. Milbes & Eid’s services promote children’s social and emotional development and promote healthy family relations by providing stimulating early childhood experiences. They offer full consultancy services from concept development, to design and fabrication, to installation and management. Their largest service is offered through their brand HYPE, which involves designing and organizing family-oriented events for malls and large retail businesses. These events are designed to increase foot traffic to businesses, while offering families enriching experiences. In addition to this service, Milbes & Eid has an indoor play area where they host and organize birthday parties, events, and playdates. Manal holds a Bachelor in Architecture from the University of Jordan and a Higher Diploma in Child Education from Open Arab University. She belongs to the Business Professional Women Association (BPWA), Jordan Engineering Association, and 6 Seconds Network for EQ Women in Business Arabia. Manal’s expertise is in business management, accounting, financial analysis, sales, PR design, and development.

What Manal hopes to grain from the VV GROW Fellowship:
Manal is excited to enhance her planning and leadership skills and join a network that promotes women’s empowerment. She is looking forward to developing a five- and ten-year strategic plan for Milbes & Eid, including a plan for how to offer digital services. Manal is also looking to expand her business outside of Jordan, and would love to build connections with marketing agencies, designers in her field, entertainers, or business representatives in the MENA region.

What Manal can offer other fellows:
Drawing on her experience, Manal hopes to support other women and their businesses. She can offer assistance with financial report reading, business development plans, as well as connections within her area of expertise inside Jordan.

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