Lucy Ashman

Founder and Botanical Alchemist, Tierra & Lava

Antigua, Guatemala

Lucy is the Founder and Botanical Alchemist for Tierra & Lava, a quality skin care and personal care product line that combines quality ingredients, genuinely green principles and social impact. Their products are inspired by centuries-old Mayan traditions and are made using natural Central American ingredients, sourced from Tierra & Lava’s organic garden and small local family farms. The partnerships with small family farms help to create jobs, keep families together and preserve cultural traditions in Guatemala and Belize. Following genuinely green principles, Tierra & Lava’s operations are zero waste and Fair Trade certified. Lucy holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of West England in European Business Studies and Tourism and has also taken courses on Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention from eCornell. She is a 2020 SOCAP Scholarship Entrepreneur and is a member of the San Cristobal el Alto Cooperative and Alterna Impact/ Kuxtal Directory. Lucy previously worked as a customer business analyst at Intel Corporation, where she gained experience in sales analysis and customer relations management.

What Lucy hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:
Lucy is hoping to learn more about how to efficiently scale a business and to become investment-ready. She is excited to gain the leadership, strategic planning, marketing, sales, human resources and finance knowledge needed to grow her company. Lucy is also looking forward to connecting with other fellows and would like to learn how others have worked through the challenges brought on by COVID-19.

What Lucy can offer other fellows:
Lucy can offer her knowledge of the beauty and cosmetics industry, a Guatemala-specific business framework, and insight on exporting products to the United States.

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