Lucia Martin



Lucia is 18 years old and currently studying Economics on a scholarship at the University of San Andres. When she was 15, she created 5ntar and has been working on it ever since. Last winter, she was a speaker at TEDxCnba. She also participates in Chicas en Tecnología [Girls in Technology]; she is a member of Kairos Argentina, a Kairos International Fellow, and a volunteer at Programa tu Futuro  [Plan your Future]. She has received awards from her city’s legislature. She had the opportunity to work with the National Ministry of Modernization and the National Women’s Institute for several months.

She is always smiling. She loves challenges, learning and discovering new things. Lucía is always encouraging herself to participate in social projects that are developed with dedication.  She is a young woman with a great and evident social vocation.


Lucia was selected as a participant in the 2019 Voces Que Inspiran.