Lizzie Kubo Kirschenbaum

Senior Communications Manager

Lizzie is the Senior Communications Manager for Vital Voices, where she oversees the organization’s external platforms, strategically advances its message and coordinates with partners and influencers to tell the Vital Voices story and amplify our women leaders’ incredible work.

Prior to joining Vital Voices, Lizzie served as an Account Supervisor at Edelman Public Relations, where she worked on the International Affairs team for three years. In this role, Lizzie worked with clients across philanthropy, international business, maritime trade, infrastructure, technology, government and more to convey their message to target audiences in the United States and abroad. She supported clients in international media campaigns and announcements, drafting content such as press releases, media advisories, op-eds, blog posts and social media content, and working with stakeholders and influencers to schedule and program events in Armenia, the United Kingdom and New York City. Her previous clients include Panama Canal Authority, the $1.1 million Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity, Smartmatic, the Government of Japan and more.

Lizzie earned her Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from the George Washington University.

What are five things that people can ask you about?

Hip hop dance, content writing, pop culture, FOOD, and how to spell my last name.