Lidia Million Tefera

Founder, CEO & Designer, LiNu Manufacturing PLC

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Lidia Tefera is the Founder, CEO, and Designer of LiNu Manufacturing PLC, a leather manufacturing company located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that produces ethically sourced leather goods including bags, belts, wallets and industrial gloves for local and international markets. LiNu also provides free training to marginalized women on how to make leather jewelry and other leather accessories. Lidia is devoted to providing training for women migrants and refugees, since their economic opportunities are scarce and limited. Linu has offered employment to over 40 of the individuals who participated in their trainings, providing them with mentorship opportunities and investments into their new business ideas. Over eighty percent of Linu employees are women, as Lidia believes that to empower women is to empower the nation. Lidia is a board member of the Ethiopia Leather Association (ELA) and the Alliance of African Women Entrepreneurs (AAWE). Lidia holds a Bachelors of Computer Science and is an expert in marketing, management, leadership, and distribution.

What Lidia hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:
Lidia hopes to learn how to develop and create an e-commerce site and how to use digital marketing, in order to distribute and promote her products and brand across the world. She also would like to learn how to get funding or access to financing, how to build a strong support network, how to create sustainable economic growth for her company, and how to impact community growth and development.

What can Lidia offer to other fellows:
Lidia can offer her expertise in marketing, management, leadership, and distribution. She can also offer encouragement, experience, and motivation.

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