Kristen Walling

Senior Program Coordinator Sub-Saharan Africa, Human Rights

Kristen provides linguistic and regional expertise in sub-Saharan Africa to the Voices Against Violence project, leading case management for emergency assistance funding through the Gender Based Violence Global Initiative. She also coordinates programming for all Human Rights team events in sub-Saharan Africa, including female genital mutilation and cutting (FGM/C) and Avon Justice Institutes on domestic and violence.

Favorite Quote?

“Tsihy be lambanana ny ambanilanitra.” (All who live under the sky are woven together like one big mat.) – Malagasy proverb

List five things that people could ask you about
Gender based violence, Peace Corps, volunteering in DC, board games, and Ohio sports teams


Where is your favorite place you have traveled?
Accra, Ghana


What is your favorite place in D.C.?
The National Sculpture Garden


What makes a great leader?
Having both a vision for the future and the ability to organize people and resources to help reach that vision.


What would be the title of your autobiography?
The Enforcer: From Bossy Preschooler to Global Gender Equality Advocate