Favour Oluma

CEO, Retyredglam

Abuja, Nigeria

Favour is the CEO of Retyreglam, a company that designs and sells unique ecofriendly furniture made from recycled tires. Favour is dedicated to promoting sustainability and climate action through responsible consumption. Retyreglam’s line of products include center tables, chairs, mirrors, vases, stools, and coffee tables that all share Retyreglam’s unique style and design that distinguishes them from their competition. Retyreglam employs a resourceful business model that benefits the community by reducing the number of tires that end up in the streets of Abuja and in incinerators to be burnt. Favour’s passion is transforming waste into art, and Retyreglam allows her to help her community while also creating artistic, functional, and unique furniture. Favour has a Bachelors in Soil Science and Agronomy from the Federal University of Technology Minna.

What Favour hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:
Favour is excited to connect with the other fellows and explore new opportunities for her and her business.

What Favour can offer other fellows:
Favour can offer her creative artistic expertise, and her experience in finding unique ways to reduce carbon footprint.

Connect with Favour on Social Media:
LinkedIn (personal): https://www.linkedin.com/in/favour-oluma-73b8211b4/
Instagram (business): https://www.instagram.com/RetyredGlam/
Twitter (business): https://twitter.com/retyredglam?lang=en