Chenda Sao

Operations Manager, BPS (Cambodia)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

About Chenda:

Chenda Sao heads cleaning and pest control services for BPS (Cambodia), a company that provides standby cleaning, pest control and termite control solutions with a focus on environmental responsibility and trustworthy professional services. Since 2008, BPS has served private companies and factories in the banking, telecom, IOs, NGOs, government, and accommodation sectors. Chenda is passionate about contributing to economic growth by providing training and job opportunities to women experiencing poverty, taking them from an unskilled to a skilled labor market to meet market demand and ensure customer satisfaction. To guarantee a high standard of service, BPS diligently maintains dedicated professional staff of cleaners, receives quality service judgements from customers, and works to build trust and confidence with customers, spurring technical innovation. BPS is driven by continuous improvement and innovation, which has allowed them to meet rapidly changing customer demands and needs by developing entirely new and improved products and services. Chenda’s areas of expertise are finance, accounting, and business management. She holds a Master’s Degree in Gender Development from the Asian Institute of Technology. She is also the General Manager of a school bookstore and café, and is a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia, Junior Chamber International, and the Cambodia Women’s Voice Association.


What Chenda hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Chenda hopes to learn practical tools to run

her business, develop her leadership skills and gain knowledge about digital businesses.


What Chenda can offer other fellows:

Chenda can offer to share her knowledge and experience with other fellows including her successes and challenges in managing workers with limited educational experience.


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