Charlotte Bradshaw

Managing Director Dylan Bradshaw Salon


Charlotte is the Managing Director of Dylan Bradshaw Salon, a boutique style premium salon based in the heart of Dublin city center, with over 60 accolades and awards. The Dylan Bradshaw Salon is an elite boutique hair Salon with a hair academy, and it is at the top of the hairdressing industry in Ireland. They offer two services—the salon and the salon academy. They currently offer a full range of high end hair services with added complimentary additions such as shiatsu head massage, a full drinks menu, iPads and WiFi. In their Salon, they also have a first class training academy, the Premium Hair salon Hairdressing academy, which is city and guild certified. They sell various branded retail products from L’Oreal, wella, Swartzkopt and dyson supersonic. Charlotte’s vision is to have a dedicated color suite, a complete glass room within the Salon with express color services the first of its kind. She is also interested in having her own unique range of hair products made from Irish ingredients. Dylan Bradshaw Salon likes to be innovative and the first to bring something to market that’s unique. They always search out the newest next best thing and bring it to the Irish market with exclusivity to their Salon for a set period of time. They like to keep their fingers on the pulse in the hair and beauty world, and believe that there is room for a uniquely Irish range of hair products. Charlotte has expertise in account and financial controlling, as well as 8 years of experience as a business owner. She holds a Junior and leaving Certification at the Institute of Accountant Technicians (IATI).

What Charlotte hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Charlotte is looking forward to learning from businesses in countries other than her own and to improve her business knowledge.

What Charlotte can offer other fellows: Charlotte can share her knowledge and experience with her business and business finance, sales, marketing and producing proprietary brand products.

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Charlotte was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.