“We cannot grow as individuals if we are not willing to contribute to our societies. Simply by having a positive mindset and conveying it, we inspire others – we do not need a secret formula, it starts with us and our way of thinking.”

Cecilia Martínez was working as an account executive in an advertising agency when she realized she wanted something more. She wanted to have a direct impact on people’s lives, so she switched gears and became the first marketing manager for FUNED, a microfinance organization, offering credit and small loans to entrepreneurs in Honduras. Her new venture opened Cecilia’s eyes to women’s unique contribution to economic development. That’s when she got involved with Vital Voices.

Today, Cecilia is the Executive Director of Vital Voices Honduras, our local chapter organization. She creates opportunities for women’s economic participation by connecting chapter members with mentors and running a training program in business management. Cecilia is confident that women’s entrepreneurship will continue to rise. She’s hard at work encouraging women to invest in themselves and realize their ability to transform their country.