Iryna Rubis

CEO Ekonomika Communication Hub


Iryna is the CEO of Ekonomika+, which consists of 4 major segments: business media (,,, event and education organization, consulting services and corporate publishing division. They have created a platform for communication, focused on leadership and innovation. is a leading news business portal established in 2005 and is in TOP–3 of the Bigmir rating category “Business&Finance.” Marketing Media Review ( is a leading media for the marketing professionals. It is actually a 4D brand model consisting of the website, educational events, awarding ceremonies, creative laboratories (MMR Lab) and social activities.—community of Working Mothers. It is a creative online–platform for women successful both in business and motherhood and for those who strongly aspired by these aspects. The goal of Ekonomika+ is to develop and implement projects, initiatives and steps to improve local business community and make it more transparent, progressive, effective and nimble. Through their online platform—social initiatives and events—we empower stakeholders to move forward, make experiments and grow. Media and events work together in that the events are supported by the media aspect, while always maintaining a gender equality aspect; the events also use the consultancy in case there is a problem it is solved within a day. We help businesses in reputation management, ideation, B2B sales support, growth opportunities discovery and implementation. They have four major areas of focus, entrepreneurship, gender equality, sustainability and civilized indepenedent media development. Ekonomika is one of very few companies in Ukraine that engage a new media business model and create new competitive and innovative products. Their media pieces are read by 1.5 million people monthly. Additionally, their events are visited by more than 2000 professionals per year. Their viral Sexists of Ukraine society’s initiative gave the issue 94 media impressions with more than 1 million reach. Four years ago, Ekonomika established SHE Congress, and in 2017 there were 5 conferences for women. They have also held 2 pan-ukrainian roadshows which brought knowledge and inspiration to 400 entrepreneurs and 2400 teens. Ekonomika aims to become the best business content and smart services provider for innovative businesses in Eastern Europe. Iryna has completed an Executive MBA from Sheffield University, a Master’s of Marketing from Kiev National trade Economy University and a teacher of World History and English from the Chenihiv State Pedagogical University.

What Iryna hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: She hopes to learn how to keep a business sustainable during turbulence, as well as getting ready to delegate operations in order to focus greater effort on strategic planning.

What Iryna can offer other fellows: Iryna can offer to share her experience in working with other business leaders; she has much experience in working with other entrepreneurs that can be shared. She can specifically share her knowledge of how to adopt your business in an environment that is unstable; her time management skills and how to fight through obstacles.

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Iryna was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.