Carla Martina Awazi

Managing Director, Maryland Printers

Bamenda, Cameroon

About Carla Martina:

Carla Martina Awazi is the Managing Director of Maryland Printers, one of North West Cameroon’s first printing companies. Their mission is to print high quality prints at affordable prices while building aptitudes, educating, and empowering others to improve their career performance and networking. As one of the leading printing presses in Cameroon, they offer comprehensive services and products including graphic design, video production, proofreading, editing, impressions, and typesetting. Their products include advertisement materials (posters, flyers, etc.), textbooks, pamphlets, magazines as well as innovative greeting cards that use local African traditional prints. They are the first business in the Cameroonian printing press market to be involved in recycling and work with a local NGO supporting women and girls, to whom they donate paper for the training/production of arts and crafts with recycled paper beads. Maryland Printers also transforms the waste from paper into rough pulp, to be used as fuel in cook stoves.  As the only female managing director of a printing press in her area, Carla Martina would like to become an example for women in her community. She is also driven to open a school for women to develop their technical skills. Carla Martina serves as the co-chair of the Board of the African Youth Alliance Common Initiative Group, an association that empowers girls and women in North West Cameroon. Her expertise is in marketing and business management and she holds a Cameroon First Degree in African Literature and a Certificate of tutorship from the University of Yaounde, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in African Literature from the University of Dschang.


What Carla Martina hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Carla Martina hopes to develop her skills, knowledge and capacity in financial management and leadership. She also wants to learn about other fellows’ experiences in business, the strategies they use and the challenges they face as well as more about their various countries and cultures.


What Carla Martina can offer other fellows:

Carla Martina can offer her knowledge of printing and experience growing her company from just two employees.  She can also share her business experience as a female entrepreneur in the Northwest region of Cameroon.


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