“I realized that I was in a position to have an impact on people’s lives. I was a mentee and I grew to become a mentor. I want these young women to be empowered – to stand their ground, to hold their own, to help other people.”

Brigitte Dzogbenuku found her sense of purpose in mentoring. Her own experience as a mentee convinced Brigitte that mentorship can be transformational – so she made it her mission to give young women in Ghana the same opportunity that changed her life. 8 years ago she started a nonprofit, Mentoring Women Ghana, to develop leadership in young women through mentorship and sport.

Combining sport and mentoring was natural for Brigitte, who’s an avid athlete. She says that some of the greatest lessons in leadership are learned on the court. Her nonprofit includes initiatives like Hoop Sistas, a girls’ basketball club that offers workshops on career development and women’s health. It’s Brigitte’s hope that her mentees eventually become mentors to the rising generation, just like she did.