Ashwathy Venugopal

Founder, Teknow Industries Kochi

Ernakulam, India

About Ashwathy

Ashwathy is the founder of Teknow Industries, an export firm specialized in trade of finished rubber products and pre-mixed rubber master batch units. Their primary customers are businesses in New Zealand and Australia that specialize in trade of ship parts and who manufacture ships, boats and yachts. Teknow is located in a tropical climate, conducive to rubber cultivation and tapping and is therefore able to offer bulk natural rubber. This benefits Teknow’s customers by reducing the costs of raw material procurement, production and transportation, and inventory. Teknow offers a final product that is made of high quality, durable and non-marking natural rubber, which reduces/eliminates the need for synthetic rubber components, which has a higher environmental impact than natural rubber. Ashwathy also serves as co-founder of Avasarshala, an online platform for parents that aggregates international and local, onstage & online events that provide a platform for children to utilize their talents, build self-confidence, get recognized and grow into well nurtured adults of tomorrow. Parents and children are provided with recommendations based on their interests and track record. Avasarshala works each day to Empower, Educate and Ensure children have access to Opportunities that help them advance and fulfill their potential. Ashwathy is also a member of the Kectil International Leadership Network, WEF Global Shapers Community, upcoming curator to Trivandrum Hub, Internet Society, Digital Grassroots, Headstart Volunteering and Wedu Rising Star-Asian Changemakers. Ashwathy holds a Bechelor of Technology from the Government Model Engineering College and an MBA from Cochin University of Science and Technology. Prior to her work leading Teknow and Avasarshala, Ashwathy served as Operations Manager at Amazon. She is an aspiring thought leader and public speaker.

What Ashwathy hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Ashwathy wants to improve her strategic planning and leadership skills and hopes to pay it forward by transferring the knowledge she gains to other women in her community, further empowering them.

What Ashwathy can offer other fellows:

Ashwathy wants to share her entrepreneurial experience with other fellows. In particular, she can share her technical knowledge in running a business in a non-traditional sector.

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