Ariana Abramson

Founder, UnLabED

Campbell Hall, New York

Ariana Abramson is a former management strategy consultant turned social entrepreneur. With roots in STEM, Ariana has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Information and Business Strategy from Columbia University. Ariana also holds multiple certifications in Business Development and Management Science from Columbia University Business School and Harvard Business School respectively. She spent four years working in the technology, nonprofit, and financial services sector at companies including JP Morgan, American Express, and The United Nations Development Programme. She found her true calling around building socially conscious brands. In 2017, her consumer packaged goods food business was featured in Columbia University’s Healthy Eating Campaign and in Harlem Local Vendors Program. As a second generation Latina woman, she has dedicated her work to solve complex problems impacting predominantly minority and women communities. In May 2019, Ariana launched UnLabED. UnLabED is an immersive Science Education Program integrating history and cultural diversity into the conversation of biology, chemistry, and physics for students in grades 2 – 8. Currently she is building projects within the education and food technology space.