Ariana Abramson

Founder, RevSTEM

Campbell Hall, New York

Ariana Abramson is a biracial Afro-Latina Queens Native. She is the first woman in her family to go to college for STEM and to become a social entrepreneur. Ariana holds a B.Sc in Computer Science and Mathematics from Pace University and an MSB in Business Strategy from Columbia University. She also holds professional certifications in business science from Harvard University and Columbia Business School. Ariana has received recognition from the Society of Women Engineers, Adelante Scholarship Fund, and Vital Voices Global Partnership to name a few.

With years of experience building social enterprises and consulting for multi-national organizations, she is an expert in building sustainable social impact initiatives supporting underserved narratives. Ariana is on a mission to elevate diverse perspectives in STEM with a focus on the next generation of underrepresented social innovators. Through intentional programming, facilitating knowledge sharing, and building inclusive technologies, Ariana is leading movements that will leave tremendous impacts in the world.