Aleks Gren


“I’ve dealt with many challenges, most of the time on my own. I think that’s one of the reasons why I so readily help young women by giving them advice and mentoring them. I don’t want them to feel alone.”


Aleks Gren wants to use her influence to give back to society. She’s built an accomplished career in the financial services technology sector, running Finserv Poland as Country Manager. She helps clients in Central and Eastern Europe use tech innovations to grow their businesses and expand economic opportunity in the region.


If you ask Aleks what she’s most passionate about, she’ll tell you about her mentees. She uses her experience to help aspiring young women develop their own business plans and strategies. One of her mentees now runs a successful youth fashion label and another started a leadership academy for children. Aleks wants all young women to have the confidence to take risks and realize their ambition