Akanksha Hazari



“We are this ‘Generation Next,’ where our dreams have no walls. We want to change the world. We know that we can do better – therefore we believe that we must to better.”

Akanksha Hazari was working in rural India when she had the breakthrough insight that inspired her startup, m.Paani. She realized that even in the poorest areas, nearly everyone has access to a mobile phone. She decided to turn access to phones into access to social goods like clean water, healthcare, education and energy.

Her social business is the first of its kind. It connects low-income consumers to a mobile-based loyalty program. Users earn points when they spend with in-network partners – mostly small, local businesses – then redeem points for life-changing rewards like water filters. Akanksha has already reached tens of thousands of people, signed up 400 small business partners, and is on track to take her model nationwide by 2018.