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Xuan (Cheryl) Yu

2018 Mentee

President, Jinghan Education


Cheryl is the Chairman and President of the Jinghan Education Company, which operates 100 branches in 16 cities across China. Jinghan instructs over 50,000 students each year, and is one of the “Big Four” publicly listed education and training institutions in China. She has held this role since August 2016.

Prior to joining Jinghan Education Company, Cheryl worked at Digital China (Lenovo Group) where she created and implemented a net business strategy which led to rapid growth for the company. From 2004-2005, she worked as a market analyst at IDC, and IDG subsidiary.

Following her time at IDC, Cheryl was the Vice President of Pioneer Software Group, and was responsible for Pioneer Software Institute, which provided notebook computers to university students and teachers in central China.

In May 2009, Cheryl joined Amber Educational Group where she held the position of Vice President, and General Manager of the Vocational Education Division. She was responsible for group brand strategy, formulating marketing strategies and establishing good relationship with IPO investors. She was a key participant in the group’ s listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Cheryl also oversaw vocational education, the university cooperation business, and the professional training base, as well as managing the company’ s IT and internet strategy.

Cheryl graduated with a Bachelor’ s Degree in Computer Science and Technology from Nanchang University in 2001, and earned her Master’ s Degree in knowledge management from the French National Institute of Management and Science. She is additionally a graduate of Harvard University’ s General Management Program.


Cheryl was selected as a Fortune- U.S. Department of State Mentee in 2011 and participated in the International Alumnae Component in 2018.