Vital Voices Washington D.C. Council

Building an Active Supporter Base

Vital Voices is committed to building an active supporter base in regions across the United States and Europe to establish partnership opportunities with local individuals, organizations, foundations and corporations to support the advancement of women’s leadership worldwide.


Ashley E. Davis | Sarva Rajendra

Council Members

Dr. Jean Baderschneider

Kate Boyce Reeder

The Honorable Ann Brown

Marcia Meyers Carlucci

Molly Cashin

Sonnie Dockser

Ricki Tigert Helfer

Atsuko Horiguchi

DeeDee Fisher

Theresa Loar

Marlene Malek

Donna McLarty

Susan Prout

Sheila Rabaut

Joanne Young


Recent Events

06/12/2017 - Washington D.C. Council Meeting

Members of the Vital Voices Washington D.C. Council gathered at Vital Voices Headquarters to discuss engagement opportunities throughout the upcoming year.

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04/27/2017 - Vital Voices Luncheon

Luncheon at Restaurant Nora featuring the Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership Participants

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04/25/2017 - Vital Voices Reception

Reception with Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership participants, hosted by Susan Davis

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01/26/2017 - Cocktails With Co-Chairs

Cocktails with Co-Chairs hosted by Evermay

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