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Veronica Madrigal

2017 Fellow

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GeekGirlsMx Mexico

Verónica Madrigal is a Graphic Designer with 17 years of experience, and a design studio where she has met many entrepreneurs and learned about founder’s problems while trying to make a product or service. Here, she has designed brands, corporate identities, stationary, and printed publicity. She loves the freedom of creating something and, as a designer, the opportunity of making her own brand. So she became the founder & designer of Mekishico, a Mexico & Japan culture fusion, and she is working under a mompreneur schedule. The skills she uses here are brand design, product development and illustration, production, sales, and e-commerce planning. Verónica feeds her soul by helping and leading at GeekGirlsMX. Inspiration, inner force and creativity is what she finds day-by-day in this community every time they have an event, network or share information. At GeekGirlsMX, she has created many activities, detected talents and promoted a union with other communities. She is currently developing their business model and planning for long-term growth, having worked on design for past 5 years, and now is working on the sponsorship, website and communication team. Verónica finds some time to freelance on one other brand, Corpfolder¬Æ, where she has completed projects on social media, branding and starting up their blog section. She also writes content for,, and, and she loves what she does.