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Matilda Zizolli

2022 Fellow


matilda zizolli

Matilda Zizolli is the Director of Health Care and Integrated Services at the General Directory of the Social Care at Tirana Municipality, Albania. She is also a lecturer of Psychology at the Faculty of Social Science at Tirana University. She is an expert in the field of social services policy and human rights focusing in the child protection sector, people with disabilities and human trafficking.

Prior to those role she managed the Afghan Crisis Response for Spirit of America where she oversaw and coordinated care and safety services for Evacuated Afghans, In Albania.

In addition to this role, Matilda was the Director of Multidisciplinary Community Center at Tirana Municipality where she was leading the efforts to reduce the cases of children in street situation. Her contributions include the successful implementation of projects addressing the needs of children with disabilities during the role as the Head of Sector for Children in Street situation and she made a significant contribution on creating the protocol of Child Protection in Albania.

Matilda holds a Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology from the University of Tirana and she holds a specialization on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by the European Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy.