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Kali Lindner

2020 Fellow

Owner, Oula Fitness

Kali Lindner
Missoula, MT, United States

About Kali

Kali is the owner of Oula Fitness, a modern, mind-body fitness company that provides trainings, workshops, retreats and classes both in-person and online. Oula additionally curates a weekly podcast to help their clients on their journey towards whole-being health and wellness and hosts weeklong retreats around the US and Mexico. Unlike many fitness classes that focus solely on physical fitness, Oula’s classes and experiences are carefully curated through music and movement to integrate the body, mind and heart for self-awareness, acceptance and love. Oula’s clients are primarily women, age 20-65, but they also have/serve male clients, older participants and kids that attend classes as well. In an effort to spread their mission and work, Oula trains instructors around the country who become certified to teach Oula classes. In their efforts to give back to the community, Oula provides scholarships, donation-based classes and free space for other social gatherings and holds fundraisers in support of environmental causes and local causes. Every year, Oula offers scholarships to around 30 women to attend “empowerment weekends” with Oula, which are female-run and – to help women to get a workout, process emotions, practice confidence and create community. Over 400 of Oula’s instructors are women while about 5 are men. Kali holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Montana and is skilled in business management, content creation, and creative direction. She also serves as Co-Owner of The Movement Collective, a community-driven business that will house the future Oula Studio among other like-minded business and as Co-Owner of the OULA Studio located in Bozeman, Montana. She is a wife and mom to 3 girls, ages 5, 3 and 1.


What Kali hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Kali is looking forward to learning how to take her business to the next level of growth. In particular, Kali wants to her knowledge to expand her business to a new space and ensure that her business and people continue to thrive despite the change. She hopes to learn how to market herself and her business better and she is eager to connect with other women who have been able to differentiate themselves in their industries.

What Kali can offer other fellows:

Kali cares deeply about people and wants to offer friendship and a listening ear. Her strength is being creative and helping people think of things in new ways.

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Instagram (business): @oulafitness

Instagram (personal): @kali.OULA