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Damilola Asaleye

2021 Fellow

Co-Founder & COO, Ashdam Solar Co. LTD

VVGrow Fellow 2021
Ibadan, Nigeria

Damilola is the Co-Founder and COO of Ashdam Solar Co. LTD, a renewable energy service provider located in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Ashdam Solar’s mission is to bring energy security to 50,000 urban households and 100 rural communities by the year 2030. Currently, Ashdam Solar Co. provides solar electrification for 2,500 households and 15,000 individuals. Damilola believes that energy is the bloodline of social and economic development and that her business is advancing communities by providing affordable, quality, and professional renewable energy solutions. Damilola also pioneered Ashdam Solar’s educational arm, the Ashdam Solar Academy, which provides training in solar engineering and installation. The Ashdam Solar Academy is working to raise a new generation of skilled entrepreneurs and engineers that will promote renewable energy and other clean energy sources across Africa. Damilola also serves as Founder and Executive Director of Girls and Women Technological Empowerment Organization and is a Mentor for the African Women in Energy Development Initiative. Previously, Damilola was a part time lecturer in Environment and Sustainable Development at Atiba University Oyo, lecturing assistant at the Cork Institute of Technology Position, and served as Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Ambassador for the Cork Institute of Technology Position. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics with Solar Energy from Bowen University Iwo, a Masters of Science in Physics with a specialty in Atmospheric Physics and Meteorology from the University of Ibadan, and she is currently completing her PhD in Energy Engineering from the Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland. Damilola has published research centered on renewable energy implementation and has been named one of the foremost women in renewable energy in Nigeria by Environment Africa Group.

What Damilola hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Damilola hopes to gain access to networks that help her scale her company’s impact and promote growth. She hopes to build her entrepreneurial and leadership skills along with her strategic planning and business management skills.

What Damilola can offer other fellows:

Damilola can offer her renewable energy expertise in climate change mitigation and the tech industry. She is also open to facilitating connections within her network.

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