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Courage to Create Change

One woman is disrupting the cycle of violence and gang culture in El Salvador through fashion design. The other is using tech to give women in India back the power to identify street harassment and violence. Together, they created a mashup for change: pairing their innovations to curb the tide of sexual assault on college campuses in the United States.

Meet Ariela Suster and Elsa D’Silva.

Ariela Suster, founder of Sequence, a social enterprise disrupting El Salvador’s gang culture by employing and educating at-risk youth to design and make handcrafted accessories, and Elsa D’Silva, founder of Safecity, a platform that crowdmaps sexual violence and harassment in India and around the world, are collaborating with Vital Voices to bring Elsa’s technology in Ariela’s bracelet to college campuses across the United States.  Through the bracelet, made by men who have escaped gang life, men and women will be able to identify where and when any type of sexual assault has occurred.  This information can be used to raise awareness on college campuses as well as bring much needed data to security and police.  Vital Voices, Ariela and Elsa are currently in plans to launch this as a pilot during the 2017-2018 school year.

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