Voices of Resilience: Mona Sinha

Voices of Resilience: A Conversation with Mona Sinha

August 2020 – Business leader and philanthropist Mona Sinha is the founder of Raising Change, an organization committed to addressing the funding gap to support organizations pushing for social change. She’s also the Board Chair of Women Moving Millions, which works to invest in gender equality initiatives around the world. Mona is a leader in philanthropic giving, and set the tone for women philanthropists with her million-dollar pledge to support educating women to be leaders. She’s spent her life in finance and marketing working to enrich social justice and women’s leadership in the industries.

Mona joined Vital Voices President and CEO Alyse Nelson for a passionate conversation about women’s role in investing in causes that matter, and why authentic representation will make the world a much better place for more people. Mona discussed her journey and drive to prioritize issues that advance equality, and what her career has shown her about the importance of embracing your voice and amplifying the issues you work on. From guidance on navigating hardship to perspective on why feminist principles of leadership are critical in crisis, you’ll want to listen to this fascinating discussion!


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