Africa Businesswomen's Network

Africa Businesswomen's Network


The Vital Voices’ Africa Businesswomen's Network (ABWN), launched in January 2009, is a partnership between African women business leaders and local partners (African businesswomen's associations), Vital Voices Global Partnership, the ExxonMobil Foundation, and Standard Chartered. As the Network of Choice for African Women in Business, the ABWN works to accelerate economic growth for women to improve the quality of life on the continent. 

ABWN works toward this vision by promoting the organizational development of its local partners, and by providing dynamic programs and services to businesswomen. Through the ABWN, Vital Voices and local partners build the capacity of women entrepreneurs for business growth at the SME-level and beyond, through local and international workshops, training programs, mentoring, networking, and market access opportunities.

The six current ABWN hubs include: the Cameroon Businesswomen’s Network; the Eagle Women’s Empowerment Club in Ghana; the Kenya Association of Women Business Owners ; Women in Management and Business and Public Service of Nigeria; the Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited, and the Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa


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