"As a woman leader, I lead with the strong belief that women bring stability and peace, at home, in their communities, and for the nation."

- Mu Sochua, Cambodia

"You have to trust your own courage, trust your own humanity and trust your own capacity to be more than you are."

- Inez McCormack, Northern Ireland

"Women in Africa are the greatest untapped resource of Africa. We are the future."

- Hafsat Abiola, Nigeria

"As we know from long and indisputable experience, investing in women has an amplifier effect on productivity and sustainable economic growth."

- UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

"I believe gender inequity is a market failure. You have to take risks. If you don't let the unexpected to happen, you will never truly understand the miracles of life."

- Roshaneh Zafar, Pakistan

VVLead Fellowship Program

What is the program?

The program supports a global network of emerging and established women leaders who provide unusual and sustainable solutions to pressing problems that have impeded women and girls’ progress to participate fully in society and the economy.

Recognizing that in order to advance the causes of women, women themselves must connect with, empower, equip and inspire one another at all levels of society, Vital Voices — with funding support provided by the UK government’s Department for International Development — is committed to helping create a unified response, not just from women’s rights activists and sectoral experts, but also from a wide range of professionals and practitioners across fields and methodologies.

The VVLead Fellowship Program is a critical step in this response, offering participants unique opportunities to exchange information, obtain resources and tools, mentor and be mentored and receive vital training over the course of three years through offerings tailored to meet their needs, goals and objectives. Dow