2012 Global Leadership Awards: Recap

Last week, thanks to your generous support, we honored and celebrated a group of extraordinary women leaders working to strengthen democracy, expand economic opportunity, and safeguard human rights around the world. 

  • Ruth Zavaleta Salgado, a principled Mexican political leader who sacrificed her own standing in the party she co-founded to support her country’s democratic development;
  • Adimaimalaga Tafuna'i, a visionary entrepreneur who is creating economic opportunities for rural Samoan women and families;
  • Samar Minallah Khan, an anthropologist whose documentaries on harmful cultural practices in her native Pakistan have changed attitudes and improved the lives of women and children in the country;
  • Rosana Schaack, a nurse and healer who is helping to rehabilitate girl soldiers and victims of gender violence in post-conflict Liberia;
  • Shatha al-Harazi, Manal AlsharifSalwa BulgaighisMarianne IbrahimAmira Yahyaoui: courageous women from across the Middle East and North Africa whose individual actions are setting the stage for transformation in the Arab world. 

For 15 years, Vital Voices has been preparing women leaders across the globe to step up and drive positive change.

We hope you will consider supporting future Global Leadership Awards and continuing to help emerging women leaders around the world.

Save the date: Join us on April 2, 2013 for the next Global Leadership Awards!

Check out highlights, photos and video from the 2012 Global Leadership Awards:


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