Dr. Hawa Abdi nominated for 2012 Nobel Peace Prize

American Friends Service Committee

Vital Voices is pleased to share that Dr. Hawa Abdi of Somalia, who, with her two daughters, provides safe haven and medical services to thousands of refugees, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2012. 

Dr. Abdi visited our offices in 2011, sharing with us her experiences and the challenges she faces. She and her daughters were also recipients of a Glamour Woman of the Year award in 2010. 

Dr. Abdi's work urgently needs support now. Two weeks ago, part of her land was seized and sold by al Qaeda-affiliated soldiers, according to The Daily Beast. It is also reported that they kidnapped hundreds of children. The camp is being evacuated and services are temporarily suspended — a true crisis for the thousands of people who rely on its food, shelter and medicine. 

From Dr. Abdi's website: "The Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation (DHAF) strongly condemns the illegal seizure of this land from the camp. DHAF remains politically neutral and is committed solely to the provision of humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable population in Somalia."

Dr. Deqo Mohamed, daughter of Dr. Abdi, said: "It is a hard time for us and people in the camp, but we are holding up. We will fight for them and make sure they have homes. The Nobel Peace Prize nomination came at the right time and it gives us strength to continue our fight."

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