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Vital Voices Global Partnership and Bank of America Launch Global Ambassadors Program

WASHINGTON DC (MARCH 8 2012) —Vital Voices Global Partnership and Bank of America today announced a new partnership to mobilize distinguished professionals as mentors over the next five years to provide mentorship opportunities for hundreds of talented, emerging women leaders in developing countries such as Haiti, India and South Africa.

The leading international non-governmental organization dedicated to training and mentoring emerging women leaders, Vital Voices is partnering with Bank of America to expand on 15 years experience in providing critical support to women leaders internationally. The Global Ambassadors Program reinforces the partners’ ongoing commitment to invest in leadership development, a goal guided by the belief that strong leaders are vital to healthy, vibrant communities and help advance economic growth.

“Mentoring is a critical path to leadership. This program offers emerging women leaders in developing countries an important opportunity to forge strong relationships based on a shared commitment to strengthening communities,” said Alyse Nelson, president and CEO, Vital Voices Global Partnership. “We know that the creation of new networks and access to mentors are critical to the success of women leaders, and we are encouraged by the potential for positive long-term impact through our work with the Global Ambassadors Program.”

Through the program, emerging leaders are paired with an established leader from the business, nonprofit, media or government sector worldwide who will provide mentorship and guidance. Mentors and their mentees will build critical communications, advocacy and business skills and develop strategies for emerging leaders to advance their work.

Confirmed mentors include Tina Brown, editor in chief, Newsweek & The Daily Beast; Inez McCormack, chair of the Participation and the Practice of Rights Project, Northern Ireland; Susan A. Davis, chair of Susan Davis International and chair of the Board, Vital Voices; and Baroness Mary Goudie, House of Lords.

“Through the Global Ambassadors Program we see significant opportunities to support and mentor women leaders around the world who have enormous talent and potential, and to help these leaders make an even bigger difference in their communities,” said Anne Finucane, global strategy and marketing officer, Bank of America. “We know from our previous investments in leadership development, which have focused on nonprofit and youth leaders, that this is a proven path to make an impact and ultimately help strengthen economies.”

As part of the program, several mentors, including Florence Chenoweth, Minister of Agriculture, Liberia; Constance A. Morella, former ambassador to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development; Mu Sochua, Member of Parliament, Cambodia; actress and activist Maria Bello; and Justine Metz, marketing executive, Bank of America Merrill Lynch traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti last week to work in partnership with women leaders on skill building and strategic planning efforts to help the country rebuild.

Drawn from all over Haiti the mentee participants included Marie Annaise Fertil, lawyer and nurse; Marie Giselhaine Mompremier, women’s rights activist, nurse and law clerk; Danielle Saint-Lôt, women’s rights expert and activist; Ra