"As long as violence against women, sexual or otherwise, remains strictly and exclusively a women’s issue, it will always be an issue. We men must own this and we must recognize it as vital to our own survival. And we must help our brothers see it as such."

- Ben Affleck, 2009 Presenter

"There are many of us, and we're fighting together."

- Ravi Kant, India

"People think that power and real change comes from the top, from politicians and decision makers. But I believe that change doesn’t come from a law, change comes when you can shift culture."

- Panmela Castro, Brazil

Vital Voices Solidarity Awards

Voices of Solidarity — a presentation of the Vital Voices Solidarity Awards — recognizes men who have shown courage and compassion in advocating on behalf of women and girls in the United States and around the world. Every day, the universal scourge of gender-based violence afflicts women in its many forms: domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking and harmful traditional practices. As long as violence against women persists, women's human rights are compromised.


This past December 7, 2015 just before International Human Rights Day, Vital Voices Global Partnership presented the Vital Voices Solidarity Award at a special inaugural event in New York City honoring outstanding men who have given their time, talent and resources to the fight