In 2006, Vital Voices connected seven award-winning female playwrights with seven extraordinary women leaders in our Global Leadership Network. Inspired by their tales of triumph, the playwrights gave voice to these women’s experiences and produced a documentary play, SEVEN.

Through the powerful medium of theater, true stories of leadership and courage come to life, illustrating that women in diverse corners of the world are overcoming tremendous odds to advance peace, justice and freedom. The women profiled in SEVEN and their respective playwrights include:

Farida Azizi, Afghanistan | Playwright: Ruth Margraff

Mu Sochua, Cambodia | Playwright: Catherine Filloux

Anabella de Leon, Guatemala | Playwright: Gail Kriegel

Hafsat Abiola, Nigeria |  Playwright: Anna Deavere Smith

Inez McCormack, Northern Ireland |  Playwright: Carol K. Mack

Mukhtar Mai, Pakistan |  Playwright: Susan Yankowitz

Marina Pisklakova-Parker, Russia |  Playwright: Paula Cizmar


SEVEN Around the World

Premiered in New York City, SEVEN has been translated into 23 languages, with over 150 performances staged in 32 countries.

The production has garnered international acclaim from audiences and critics alike. Award-winning actresses, including Meryl Streep and Shohreh Aghdashloo, have lent their talents to stage readings of SEVEN.


A Global Impact

“it’s impossible not to be inspired by so many and varying examples of courage” -- THE WASHINGTON POST

SEVEN has had a tremendous global impact. Since it's premier in 2008, the play has:


  • cast over 600 men and women in the roles of the seven activists
  • involved over 100 organizations, government agencies ect. on a local, national or regional level 
  • been performed by male politicians at the Swedish Parliament  
  • been performed for the EU and Members of Parliament from seven different countries, at NATO head quarters by NATO generals and in the Serbian parliament by activists


SEVEN has impacted the lives of many all around the world and continues to influence new audiences every day.


How to Stage a SEVEN Performance

Are you interested in staging a performance of SEVEN?