"Women's empowerment must not be seen as a matter of women versus men but as a matter of better outcomes for all. This shift will require new thinking, a true breakthrough."

- Breakthrough: Overcoming the Obstacles to Equality, Development and Peace." Vital Voices Global Partnership, 2010.

"Forget China, India and the internet: economic growth is driven by women"

- The Economist, April 12, 2006

"I think building up women’s capacity as leaders is getting them to the table; it’s getting them to be part of building the vision."

- Kah Walla, Cameroon

La Pietra Coalition

Who We Are

Since forming in 2009, La Pietra Coalition has worked with the goal of making the economic case for women’s empowerment.

As of 2012, the coalition facilitates an ongoing dialogue between more than 100 representatives from corporations, government, civil society, academia, and the media. Together, they use their collective expertise to set the global agenda on women’s economic empowerment. 

What We Do – and What We Have Accomplished

Since convening at the 2010 and 2011 meetings at Villa La Pietra, the coalition has:

  • Successfully lobbied the G-20 to acknowledge gender within its financial inclusion initiative.

When the G-20 launched its Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) in December 2010, it failed to recognize the need to financially include a key constituency.

Until now. In Spring of 2012, the G-20 acknowledged the need to address challenges specific to women’s financial inclusion and committed to addressing them. Points #23 and #53 in the June 2012 communiqué express this, thanks in no small part to the advocacy efforts of La Pietra Coalition. 

  • Partnered with the Economist Intelligence Unit to launch and produce the Women’s Economic Opportunity Index (WEOI) 2010 and 2012.

The work done by WEOI assists in comparing policies and practices that impact the ability of women to participate in th