"As long as violence against women, sexual or otherwise, remains strictly and exclusively a women’s issue, it will always be an issue. We men must own this and we must recognize it as vital to our own survival. And we must help our brothers see it as such."

- Ben Affleck, 2009 Presenter

"An event like this can really make a difference. I have seen it in the faces of those women who know that they're not laboring in vain. I've seen it in the networks that have been created to support them. And I've seen it in the changed attitudes of governments and leaders."

- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

"In honoring me, you are honoring the 700,000 women who are standing behind me. You may not see them, but they are here in spirit — their stories, their struggles and their triumphs echo throughout this hall."

- Jaya Arunachalam, 2005 Honoree

"It is an award to recognize the full human rights of our girls and of our women, but most of all, it is a reminder of the remaining task for equality, development and peace in our respective nations."

- Mu Sochua, 2005 Honoree

"This award, you must know, is going to protect my life...No one can silence me because I have new friends — you are my friends — and you are watching over me."

- Anabella de Leon, 2003 Honoree

Global Leadership Awards

Thank you to our honorees, partners and guests for celebrating with us on April 2!

The Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards honor and celebrate women leaders around the world who are the unsung heroines working to strengthen democracy, increase economic opportunity, and protect human rights. Every year since 2002, we have gathered at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to recognize women who are social entrepreneurs, political representatives, businesswomen, human rights defenders and civil society advocates.

See highlights from the 2013 Global Leadership Awards, check out the Storify and watch tribute videos of the honorees

Presenters and honorees at the April 2 Global Leadership Awards
Top: Ann Curry, Alyse Nelson, Tina Brown, Susan Ann Davis, Diane von Furstenberg, Carol Lancaster, America Ferrera; Bottom: Ravi, Nishi and Rishi Kant, Tep Vanny, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Dr. Hawa Abdi, Melanne Verveer, Manal Zraiq, Sandra Gomes Melo

Malala Yousafzai, Pakistan
Global Trailblazer Award

Dr. Hawa Abdi, Somalia
Fern Holland Award

Manal Yaish Zraiq, Palestine
Economic Empowerment Award

The Kant Brothers, India
Solidarity Award

Sandra Gomes Melo, Brazil
Human Rights Award

Tep Vanny, Cambodia
Leadership in Public Life Award


Who inspires you?

Direct support to this year's honorees is possible through the GIVE Campaign