Voces Vitales El Salvador


Launched in 2009, Voces Vitales El Salvador works with women leaders with the potential to impact their communities by carrying out capacity-building trainings and programs focused on entrepreneurship and professional development.

The chapter was launched by Carmen Irene Alas and Maria Eugenia Brizuela and is led by President Jimena Palacios.




Vital Voices El Salvador, in partnership with the US Embassy and as part of the U.S. State Department’s Pathways to Prosperity initiative, hosted a one-day forum for 200 Salvadorian businesswomen interested in exporting to the U.S. The event highlighted existing opportunities for women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in international markets.

Click here to read coverage of the program in La Prensa Gráfica or read an interview with Vital Voices Board Member Beth Brooke, who spoke at the event.