Voces Vitales El Salvador participates in Pathways to Prosperity Ministerial Meeting

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to the Dominican Republic to participate in the Fourth Ministerial Meeting of the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas initiative on October 5. Johanna de Hill, Co-President of Voces Vitales El Salvador, had the pleasure of meeting Secretary Clinton in Santo Domingo.

The US Embassy in El Salvador currently supports Voces Vitales El Salvador as part of Pathways to Prosperity. The chapter will be carrying out the third export training module in November in the cities of San Salvador, Santa Ana, and San Miguel.

Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas “links Western Hemisphere countries committed to democracy and open markets in an initiative to promote inclusive growth, prosperity, and social justice.” The initiative was launched in 2010 with the understanding that economic growth has not benefitted all segments of society equally, particularly those that do not enjoy the same access to resources, information, and economic opportunity. It is a public-private partnership targeting, in part, women-owned and women-led SMEs throughout the region.

For more information read the official State Department fact sheet or visit the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas website

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