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Sally Field: Why I'd choose politics over Hollywood
May 15

Actor Sally Field on female mentors and why working to empower women is so important to her. 

Global Ambassadors Program: Northern Ireland Day 3
May 15
Global Ambassadors Program: Northern Ireland Day 2
May 14
Global Ambassadors Program: Northern Ireland Day 1
May 13
Mother's Day Appeal: Bring Back Our Girls
May 11
Women Entrepreneurs to Bet On
May 08

GAP Mexico mentee Denise Abulafia named one of Newsweeks top female entrepreneurs to bet on.

Women’s Economic Empowerment in Post-Conflict and Ongoing Peacebuilding States
May 07
Vital Voices Statement on Nigeria Schoolgirl Kidnapping
May 07
Compensation Marriages remain in Pakistan's northwest
May 06

The practice of "swara"—giving away women as punishment for their families—remains an option for settling village disputes in tribal areas.

VVGROW Fellow tapped for trade negotiations with Nigeria
May 02

Congratulations to VVGROW fellow Jillian Usagi for being selected by President Uhuru Kenyatta to be one of 10 business leaders spearheading trade negotiations with Nigeria.

Dreaming in India
Apr 28

It’s hard to convince India’s roughly 600 million women to expect greater freedom and empowerment unless they see examples of it.

Celebrating Girls and ICT: The Great Equalizer in Global Development
Apr 24
Working for Women
Apr 22

Vital Voices Co-Founder and Chair Emeritus Melanne Verveer in The Washington Post's "On Leadership" series.

The Lotus of SoHo Comes Home
Apr 21

Former Global Ambassador mentee Mo Hom takes her successful clothing boutique out of NYC's SoHo and back to her home country of Myanmar.  

Holly Smith, Author of Walking Prey and Sex Trafficking Survivor, Shares Advice and Her Story