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16 Days of Activism | Challenging Patriarchy at CEDEHM
Nov 27
16 Days of Activism | Building Opportunity in Iquitos
Nov 26
16 Days of Activism | CAPTA: Empowering Women for Employment in Panamá
Nov 25
Queen meets with SADAQA members
Nov 20

Queen Rania of Jordan met today with advocates of a campaign to implement Article 72 of Jordanian labor law, a statue which requires many companies to provide workplace daycare centers. 

Why the world needs women entrepreneurs
Nov 18

Tory Burch gives three reasons why women are crucial to economic growth in this op-ed on female entrepreneurship throughout the world.

Mentorship Builds Leadership: Global Mentoring Walk to be held on November 16
Nov 15
Global Ambassadors Program: Qatar Day 4
Nov 14
Global Ambassadors Program: Qatar Day 3
Nov 13
Global Ambassadors Program: Qatar Days 1-2
Nov 11
Gearing up for VV GROW Fellowship Training in Accra, Ghana
Nov 10
Global Ambassadors Program in Qatar: Investing in Women’s Leadership and Economic Development in the Middle East
Nov 08
KAWBO Makes Strides with Imarisha Biashara Campaign
Nov 01
VV GROW Fellows in Jordan: Collaborating for Business Growth
Oct 30
VV GROW Launches in Jordan
Oct 27
Elevator pitches at the third day of VV GROW Nicaragua
Oct 25