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Our mission is to invest in women leaders who improve the world. We search the world for a woman leader with a daring vision. Then we partner with her to make that vision a reality. Through long-term investments that expand her skills, connections and visibility, we accelerate her efforts.   


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November 18, 2016

As we wrap up the in-person training portion of the VV GROW Fellowship, we are so honored to be able to provide such a life changing experience for women business owners around the globe. As one fellow wrote, “I’m surrounded by women that are a source of inspiration, guidance, love, knowledge, and experience. And what is more amazing is that I can call them my sisters.” Read More


November 07, 2016   /  By Diane Wilkinson, Global Freedom Exchange Participant 2016

When I first got the call to say that I had been nominated for the Global Freedom Exchange I was speechless. This incredible opportunity is a fellowship program for women working against human trafficking, run as a partnership between Vital Voices and Hilton Worldwide. Read More


November 01, 2016   /  By Nicole Joseph-Chin

Malawi's first #female president, Joyce Banda, speaks on how to empower #women & #girls in Africa… https://t.co/atciCwyYtU

12:01 pm Dec 10th via Hootsuite

Burundi takes a step forward towards ending #GBVAWG by passing a new law with tougher punishment against offenders https://t.co/CrgPRQomr9

08:00 pm Dec 9th via Hootsuite

A tribute to "all the #women caught up in wars around the world who refuse to lose hope that things can change"… https://t.co/emYb8WWr7V

12:01 pm Dec 9th via Hootsuite